It all started in my childhood with diving... diving for the blue clay in the Lake "Glan" close to Norrköping in Sweden...

Born in Linköping, Sweden (1960), I spent my younger childhood and parts of my adult life in Sweden, but I have lived most of my life abroad. I was essentially brought up in the suburbs of Paris, went to University in USA and finally, I live in Berlin since 2001.

I am sculpting professionally since 1995. Producing Art is both a challenge and a great Passion. It combines my love for visual aesthetics, nature and humankind. Each new work is an experimental adventure. For me, Sculpting is my personal language tool enabling me to express freely my life philosophy, my inner thoughts and emotions. Some of my sculptures are made in order to bring across messages, touch the inner core of the viewer and/or initiate reflection. They are non-verbal means of communication. In a symbiotic relationship, we are having a constant mute "dialogue". The purpose of this art form is also to enhance the beauty of a \"raw\" stone or a "River Marble Potato", change it into a harmonious shape, refining it and giving it meaning. Each encounter with a stone is unique and the love to it drives me, each time, to exceed my limits. Even when I\'m not working physically, my mind is perpetually searching for new shapes in order to continue to work my art pieces even further and find my own sculpting paths.

One of my strengths is stone carving, especially the fine white Carrara Marble from Italy. In the past years, I have discovered the olive-green Marble from Kolmarden (Sweden) and Granit. Even though I use/experiment with a variety of materials (clay, plaster, concrete, Styrofoam, U-Ton, bronze, etc...), I always come back to stone-carving.

My favorite tools are my hammer, chisel and electric saw. In that stage, I concretize my ideas and find the creative directions.